Sport Development Policy


To set out committees composed of NLATU members to facilitate the development of Taekwondo in Newfoundland and Labrador. Other than sparring development which is governed directly by the provincial team policy, there are three branches of development that must be overseen, each by a committee, these are Poomsae, Coaching, and Officiating.

Sport Development Committees

A sport development committee will consist of a group of NLATU members who make decisions concerning one of the branches of sport development.

A committee will be appointed by the board from those people who have expressed interest in being a member of the committee at or before the AGM each year. The committees will be appointed at the next board meeting following the AGM. At this time the board will appoint one member of the committee to serve as the chairperson.

If a committee member is deemed to have acted in a way that is destructive to the committee’s goals and functions the board reserves the right to remove that member from the committee at any time.

The board will appoint a new committee once every year.

At any time, if there is no committee member from a region the board will appoint a member from that region if such an interested person exists.

The committee will have the following responsibilities regarding their branch of sport development
-Gathering information from VMD’s on what type of training should be offered
-Planning training events (see training)
-Allocating funds to facilitate training (see funding)
-Overseeing fundraising and/or sponsorship ventures if they are needed.


The committee will arrange for at least one training event for their branch of sport development each year. The details of training required will depend on the current needs of our members. The committee will be responsible for communicating with the members to gain an understanding of what would be most effective.

If more than one training event is being scheduled per year they must be evenly distributed across the regions of our province.

If only one training event is being scheduled per year it must cycle through the regions of our province such that it is held in a region it has not been held during the past two years.

If the cost of a training event exceeds the amount funded for that event by the NLATU the excess costs will be recovered either through fundraising/sponsorship or from the participants through registration fees.

Training events must be made available to all member dojangs of the NLATU. If an event is not open to all dojangs it will not be funded by the NLATU.


The board of directors will decide how much money will be allocated to
funding each branch of sport development each year. The funding fiscal year will be from Nov 1 to Oct 31 each year to align closely with committee selection dates.

Of the money allotted to a branch of sport development the committee will determine
where and how the money is to be allocated with the following stipulations:

If money is being allocated for travel and accommodations for participants traveling to an event it should be distributed among the regions of the province as follows:

The region where the event is being held will receive 20% of the travel subsidy amount. The other two regions will each receive 40% of the travel subsidy amount. Funds allocated to a region for travel will be evenly distributed between all participants traveling to the event from that region.

Concerning amounts funded for all above events, any costs in excess of the funded amount should be covered by either fundraising, corporate sponsorship, or registration fees paid by participants.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

With the full endorsement of the NLATU each sport development committee is free to pursue fundraising initiatives and corporate sponsorship opportunities. Funds gathered in this way must be spent on the branch of sport development for which they were raised. Any funds gathered in this way that are being distributed for purposes of travel subsidy should be disbursed in the same way as outlined above.